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Regenerative medicine Regenerative medicine is aimed at replacing damaged or diseased cells and tissues in hopes of restoring or improving their normal physiological function. Nowadays the term “Regenerative Medicine” is often used to describe medical treatments and research that utilize stem cells to restore these functions. This can be achieved through either the administration of stem cells or administering more specific cells derived from stem cells. Another approach to regenerative medicine involves the administration of compounds that stimulate stem cells that are already present in tissues to more efficiently repair the affected structures.

What are Stem Cells? Stem cells are the precursor cells found throughout our bodies from which mature or differentiated cells are derived. They are characterized by the ability to renew themselves or develop into more specialized cells and therefore have the potential to replace cells or tissue which has been damaged or destroyed due to disease processes.

Stem cell therapy therefore leads to tissue regenerationmuch like organ transplant but is much less invasive and only cells are used as therapy. By applying these regenerative stem cell properties clinically we can treat various diseases or conditions by harnessing the body’s natural healing abilities.

How are stem cells obtained? It is important to understand that stem cells do not necessarily have to be obtained from embryonic tissue. As stem cells occur throughout our bodies during all stages of life they can easily be harvested from adult tissue. These adult stem cells exhibit the ability to divide into identical undifferentiated cells or more specialized cells. Adult stem cells are predominately isolated from adipose tissue or ‘fat” which can be obtained through liposuction. Processing of this fatty tissue then leads to the isolation of adult mesenchymal stem cells which can be reintroduced into the body immediately, increasing the innate stem cell concentration. Alternatively the stem cells can be stored and culture expanded for future use.

The following advantages are associated with the use of adult stem cells in regenerative medicine:

• Cells are derived entirely from mature tissues and therefore it is non controversial and no ethical codes are breached

• Once a pure mesenchymal stem cell population has been obtained both interindividual and interspecies transplants are possible

• There are many different sources from which these cells can be derived

Different types of Adult Stem cells and their sources Hematopoietic stem cells: Bone marrow Fetal stem cells: Umbilical cord blood Amniotic stem cells: Amniotic fluid Mesenchymal stem cells: Primarily adipose tissue, also teeth

Applications of stem cell therapy Various conditions have been treated with Stem Cell therapy and current research shows promising future applications. Examples of injuries, genetic conditions or diseases treated with stem cell regenerative therapy, of specific interest, include:

• COPD’s such as emphysema
• Osteo-arthritis
• Diabetes
• Critical limb ischemia(CLI) severe obstruction of the arteries • Erectile dysfunction

Further research areas also include:

• Retinitis Pigmentosa(RP) degenerative diseases of the retina
• Alzheimer’s disease
• Parkinson’s disease
• Spinal cord injuries
• Hematologic conditions - Blood disorders
• Muscular dystrophies – progressive degeneration and weakening of skeletal or voluntary muscles

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) PRP is the portion of blood from which red and white blood cells are removed, resulting in a plasma component rich in platelets as well as various growth factors (PDGF’s). These components are continuously circulating through our blood vessels to assist in tissue healing and regeneration when required, but at much lower concentrations. Due to the higher concentration of growth factors in PRP, it can be clinically applied for its healing properties. In regenerative medicine PRP is often combined with stem cell therapy as it contains the necessary growth factors which enable stem cells to mature and differentiate into various specialized cell types. PRP also contain certain factors that recruit cells to specific sites for healing and regeneration

• PRP preparations have been used in treating a large variety of ailments including:
• Orthopedic conditions such as mild to moderate degenerative arthritis, disorders of the spine, tendonitis, shoulder disorders and muscle sprains
• Promotes healing and growth after hair transplantation
• Used as facial filler
PRP therapy is also used in sexual health as rejuvenator and in the treatment of sexual dysfunction
• Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Facial:
The PRP facial entails the strategic injection of PRP within certain facial regions, resulting in the activation of the innate multipotent stem cells found within these tissues. The growth factors found within the PRP send a “repair and regenerate” signal to these cells leading to the formation of new blood vessels, increased adipose tissue and collagen deposition resulting in a younger, rejuvenated appearance

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy: The South African Stem Cell Institute also offers Bio-identical Hormone replacement therapy as we recognize the importance of these molecules in normal physiological processes which contribute to the quality of life.

About the South African Stem Cell Institute The South African Stem Cell Institute is committed to providing revolutionary regenerative therapy. This entails both stem cell therapy as well as PRP therapy with the improvement of the patient's quality of life as primary goal. By partnering with Bioheart Inc., one of the world’s leading stem cell research facilities, we are committed to providing effective cell therapies to treat various diseases in the hopes of attaining that goal. Should you require any more information please do not hesitate to contact Dr Wian Stander:


Priapus (P)-Shot®
The P-Shot® is designed to improve sexual performance in men, especially in cases where loss of function has occurred due to prostate cancer, an enlarged prostate, drug side effects etc.
The P-Shot®entails the injection of activated PRP into areas that are essential to the sexual response. The regenerative abilities of PRP result in increased tissue growth and the formation of new blood vessels which improve circulation within the penis. This ultimately leads to stronger erections, increased sensation, pleasure and enhanced sexual performance.See www.stemcellinstitute.co.za for more details.

Orgasm (O)-Shot®
The O-shot® is the female complement to the P-Shot. PRP is injected into the areas essential to the sexual response. Platelets within the PRP are activated resulting in the release of several growth factors which act on the local stem cells causing regeneration within the vaginal tissue. This is certainly one of the most revolutionary treatments for sexual dysfunction and/or sexual enhancement. It is a novel treatment for patients with stress incontinence.See www.stemcellinstitute.co.za for more details.
Due to the nature of these procedures we pride ourselves in providing a professional medical service ensuring the comfort of our patients and utmost discretion at all times.


Harvesting:Adipose tissue is harvested for the isolation of stem cells via Liposuction which entails the removal of subcutaneous fat deposition (most often unwanted) via suction. This is an outpatient procedure which is performed under a local anesthetic and is completed within 1-2 hours.

Isolation:Once an adequate amount of fat tissue has been collected the sample is taken to the SA Stem Cell Institute laboratory to initiate cell isolation. Here the adipose tissue is subjected to various tissue processing steps and enzymatic digestion which liberate the adult mesenchymal stem cells from the fibrous meshwork within the fatty tissue.

Treatment:Should treatment be required, the cells are resuspended in patient specific PRP, and this stem cell/PRP mixture is then reintroduced into the body via points of interest or intravenously. This highly concentrated mixture of growth factors and multipotent stem cells have the innate ability to find, repair and regenerate damaged or diseased cells and tissues.

Culture expansion and cryopreservation:The South African Stem Cell Institute also offers a culture expansion service. This entails the propagation of a portion of the cells initially isolated from the collected adipose tissue. These cells are cultured and maintained at our state-of-the-art facility allowing the possibility of future treatments. We also offer cryopreservation services which entails the storage of cells indefinitely for possible future use should the need arise.