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  • Karien du Plooy

    Karien du Plooy

    General Manager, Female, 39

    My name is Karien du Plooy

    I started with Dr Stander on a staggering 130kg I have tried everything on the market. But my weight kept coming back. I was on a yo-yo diet since I can remember.

    After starting on Dr Standers diet I was amazed at how fast the kilo's started dropping.

    Today I can acknowledge that this really works as I have lost 60kg a whole person and it has stayed off.

  • Sue Turner

    Sue Turner's Journey: 2012-2013

    Personal Assistant, Female, 35

    God placed some amazing people in my life last year (2012). My trainer, and Dr Stander, I met in July and August, respectively. The training was just cardio for the first 4 months, as it was all I was just barely capable of doing, and I got home every night completely broken!

    Dr Stander and I started our journey together where I crippled the scales at 109.6kgs. I am 1.72m tall, which means I was morbidly obese. I have been overweight since primary school. I tried every diet (some good, some bad, some extreme, some just completely crazy and they all resulted in what we’ve all read about and seen – pile it all back on and then some!). But something clicked with this eating plan. I have never felt so alive! And the most important thing I learnt is to nourish my body with food (no, not something processed that was created in a factory that wasn’t even a ‘food’ 100 years’ ago). Fuel your body with what God gave us to eat.

    Dr Stander’s ratios of food groups and keeping things simple enabled me to drop 30kgs. I had a hiccup along the way – I fractured my coccyx and wrist falling at gym. But despite this, I have continued to lose. And will continue to lose until I reach my goal weight. Bikini fitness shoot to follow. Watch this space!!!

    Sue Turner

    See the Journey Here

  • unathi_msengana

    Unathi Msengana

    Metro FM breakfast show Co-Presenter, Musician, Song Writer and Idols Judge

    Before After

    Weight is such a personal way of one identifying one’s self. It has so much to do with our confidence and often how we live our lives. The first thing Dr. Stander said to me was “Unathi, forgive yourself” and I knew we would have a life long relationship, because he instantly took away the guilt that we often carry when we are not happy with our body image.

    He is more than an average doctor, he effortlessly assumes the role of a life coach - because his approach is natural, holistic and never under estimates the power of the mind in our quest to be the best version of ourselves that we can be.

    I love you Wian


  • andrew_steenkamp

    Andrew Steenkamp

    A very active boy, 11 years old

    Andrew is a very active boy, but he kept struggling with his weight, despite all we have done to help him. He is a very good athlete, who participates in almost everything offered by the school, however his weight stood in his way to perform better.

    Because I obtained such great results with Dr Stander’s Weight Management Program, I went to him with the perception and hope that if it worked for me it will work for Andrew.

    And of course I was not disappointed - Andrew is melting away by the day, and is much more energetic than before!

    For any parent that is thinking about helping their child that is overweight, I would definitely recommend that you visit Dr. Stander.

    It works for us!

    Karien du Plooy, Andrew’s Mother

  • unathi_msengana

    Kgomotso Molefi


    Before After

    Thank you for assistance with a much needed revamp in my life. I have been on your program for 3 months today and would like to express my deepest gratitude to you and your team. I will however, not be able to continue with the program any further. The injections worked very well with moderate eating (diet) and exercise. All the fat around my belly disappeared, and I can wear my old clothes without any insecurities. All I take from this journey is the fact that with commitment, a little effort on what goes into my body, and exercise, it worked...I will do it again if I have to...but I hope that won’t be necessary. Thank you for your kind words and inspiration throughout the program. Your service was amazingly awesome. Please continue to assist others. Thank you (see attached results...they speak for themselves). I also don't have full body pics because my main focus was around my waist/belly. I went to Dr Stander because everything I tried after my second pregnancy could not really assist with the stubborn fat around my waist. The amazing results speak for themselves. I achieved it all with a very simple diet, I learned the right way of eating, I still practice that now, and didn't have to put a lot of effort in terms of exercise but it still worked. Lots of water also helped but every person would experience the journey differently because my diet and exercise routine wasn't necessarily the same as everyone else.

    I achieved my goal and it’s all thanks to Dr Stander's patience and support throughout the journey..

    Thank you. Kgomotso Molefi