How to stay focussed on your goal!

Follow ups - Accountability and cooperation on the program plays an equally important role in getting to your goal weight. Regular visits to your local clinic or family physician may help you keep up the momentum towards reaching your goal weight. Visit them at least every 2 weeks (where possible weekly) to record your weight loss & centimetre losses and to share your progress with them. Get a fresh insight on how to speed up or optimize your results. They will share our Tip-of-the-week with you and continue to motivate you as you go along.

Measurements – It is highly recommended to plot your kilogram as well as centimetre losses throughout your weight loss journey in a journal. This gives you a quick overview of where you started and more importantly where you are heading! It’s very rewarding and motivating to see progress. You will notice that the weight loss is not always consistent as the body adapts to your new lifestyle modifications. You will hit the typical weight loss plateaus which are very normal and necessary to help your fat cells adapt. Tracking your entire journey will prove very rewarding.

Keep a Food diary - Where possible keep a food diary and when you can, take it with you when you visit your local clinic or family physician. It shows you certain trends in your journey and is great to highlight where behaviour modification/s are due and should be considered.

BloodWorx™ - Should your weight loss occur very slow or not at all, it is recommended that you pay your local clinic or family physician a visit to help exclude medical reasons for the weight not piling off as it should. You may typically discover a sluggish or underactive thyroid, adrenal stress or fatigue, chronic low grade cellular inflammation, unmanaged or uncontrolled insulin resistance etc.

Shift your mind - New way of Thinking - You don’t lose weight, you get rid of it! Because you know how to do it...

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