How to maintain your weight :

  • • Firstly, this is not a diet. It’s a method to switch off your fat cell triggers of inflammation and to keep them switched off. Should you resort back to your previous way of living and eating you probably will put some weight back on again.

  • • Lipo-Assist™ is a natural remedy to assist you to lose weight. It is probably wise to protect yourself especially over long weekends, holidays and long periods of frequent travelling to keep your weight in check. The Lipolytic injection is not a compulsory treatment for you to lose weight.

  • • Yes - We are all busy. And getting even busier...
    No - We don’t always have the time to juggle work, family and all our social commitments and still stick to a rigorous gym regime every week.

    But - We all want to look great, feel more energetic, and live healthier and longer!

  • • Consider this: If you are serious about losing those unwanted kilo’s and serious about feeling more energetic; should you have wasted enough time and money to renew your gym contract over the years; or acquire more expensive machines that land up being white elephants and clothing hangers... Then get Familiar with HIIT!

  • World Health Organization guidelines: recommends 30-45 minutes moderate to high intensity exercise 5 times a week.

    We believe that 20-30 minutes of brisk interval walking is sufficient and sustainable whilst adhering to the Low Calorie meal plans for the first month or so, but High Intensity Interval Training - (or HIIT) has become an extremely popular exercise technique among the time-constraint-overweight- dieters, due to the limited time per session needed!

    A proper 15 minute HIIT work-out leaves you burning calories long after the session is done. Consider it when you want to speed up your fat burning cycles.

  • • You need to gain real insight and concept of the root problems from your local Doctor or Health Care Professional, the aim is lasting results and a healthier lifestyle that‘s sustainable. No yo-yo rollercoaster dieting and No quick fixes.

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