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Point of Difference

Slimming Clinic is proud to associate with non-profit and charity programmes like Point of Difference.

Read the following heartfelt extraction from POD…

One evening, after reading about 18 children sharing one toothbrush at an orphanage, Adele Segal decided to start a Section 21 non-profit organization with her husband, Mr SA 2009 Steven Segal. They decided to call this organization, Point of Difference. In a world lost for love, hope is all we have now. It was only later that they realized that one toothbrush shared amongst 18 children was seen as fortunate or a luxury as most shelters/ orphanages don’t even have the privilege of owning a toothbrush, an item we take for granted. For that reason we do not want to forget those in true need and so, Point of Difference was founded on the hope that we can help as many people, children and animals as possible and aid where there is a desperate calling.

We have the opportunity to create the world we want to live in, a world in which all children are worth saving. Our purpose is to promote raising healthy, happy and respected children, because all lives are of equal value. Point of Difference Organization aspires to inspire before we expire. We live to serve and improve the lives of people and animals around us.

The Point of Difference’ mission is to help persons in need, specially focused on children; the help provided would include bare necessities such as:

Toiletries, food, medication and shelter. Point of Difference would like to make a contribution to society especially in children’s lives. Being a Section 21 company, they appreciate the active participation of corporate and private persons to enable them to continue making a difference.

Website : www.pointofdifference.co.za